We Will Significantly Increase Your Firm's PI Cases, With a Lower Cost Per Case Than Other Channels, GUARANTEED.

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We GUARANTEE To Turn Your Firm Into A High-Volume
Case-Pulling Machine Or You Don’t Pay.
Here’s How In 4 Steps:

STEP 1 :

Bring In High Intent Calls That Have Urgency Behind Them

After creating and ranking (literally) dozens of directory listings across numerous industries, we've found that these consistently generate anywhere from 150-300 calls per month (depending on the size of the city).

Where most people go wrong when purchasing calls or leads, is  that those calls are often generated from cold traffic or a "warm transfer" from a call center that's cold calling.

We focus on "emergency terms" which attract prospects looking to take action right away.

This is how we brought in 32 cases (not just phone calls) for a local personal injury attorney in Brooklyn in just over one month.


Use A Pay Per Call Model To Focus On Performance With No Hidden Fees

Since we put our own resources, time, money, and expertise, into ranking these local directories, it's only fair that we pass those savings on to you.

Therefore, we provide a pay per call only model. This means you only pay for qualified calls, and not for monthly retainers, ranking, landing pages, or ad spend.

We see at least a 25% close rate for most calls, however if your close rate is below that, then we also have sales services we can bring in to increase this.

Most lead generation programs by agencies require a monthly retainer along with allocated ad spend of $10k-$50k+. Since our calls are routed from organic traffic and the listings we have built up, there are no other fees.

To set-up, we create a custom dashboard using Call Analytics, which will be connected to an automated billing system based on a per call basis. If you receive any ‘duds’ or false information, we can simply refund this or roll it over to the next month. You can increase or decrease the calls at any given time so long as 2 weeks notice is given.


Exclusivity, So You Never Share Leads

The calls we will direct are exclusive to you and you only.

A lot of the main lead generation programs are non-exclusive, meaning several other firms have consulted the leads before you.

By keeping leads strictly exclusive, we have higher close rates than any other service.


Monthly Call Audits

At the end of every month, we will review the overall sales conversion rate, along with call times or wrongly billed calls.

If the close percentage is below what we usually see (25-30%), then we have a pool of pre-trained sales representatives whom we can bring in to triage, or set certain calls on your calendar for later, and/or chase up with other leads.

Case Studies

PPC case study attorney 1
PPC case study attorney 2
PPC case study roofing
Roofing: 7 days into the campaign (25-30% close rate)
PPC case study restoration
Water damage restoration: 36 calls within the first few weeks (25-30% close rate)
PPC case study dent repair
Dent repair: 57 calls within first 2 weeks (50% close rate)

This Will Work Or You Don't Pay.
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