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We GUARANTEE To Turn Your Business Into A High-Gravity Customer-Pulling Machine—In 5 Steps—Or You Don’t Pay.
Here’s How:

STEP 1 :

Produce An "Instant Expert" Interview

After producing (literally) dozens of interviews across almost every industry you can think of, we've found that a professional, Hollywood-quality, News-style production instantly establishes your authority, expertise, and credibility.

When potential customers Google you, they see this, which none of your competitors have (whom they're also researching).

✔ Build Trust

✔ Show Your Expertise

✔ Long-Term Company Asset

Imagine 100’s of people that look for your business online, and search for your services, seeing an interview like this about you:

What do you think a customer would do after watching an expert like that and seeing the phone number for them to call for help?


Automate And Systematize Your Expansion Loop

After deploying the Instant Expert production, our next step is to make growth from peer recommendations, reviews, and word of mouth a REGULAR AND RECURRING part of your business.

We do that by integrating automated systems that make sure that happens.

Advertising gets us looking, but reviews compel us to buy.


In the marketplace, you can push people ("buy my stuff") or you can pull people ("you want my stuff").

We strengthen your business' gravity—its pull—so that customers come to you.

"The essence of a pull is word of mouth, social proof, and satisfied users."

We plug you into our High-Gravity Peer Recommendation System, where we'll monitor what people are saying about your company (good and bad) all across the web.

We set up systems and safeguards to both limit negative reviews and re-route them into positives, and to encourage and grow positive reviews.


You'll fall in love at how quickly and consistently you get new, glowing reviews spreading their praises for your company, and how hands-off it is!

You can push all you want, but if you don't have a solid reputation (pull) foundation, you'll be wasting money on your push efforts:

Today's Online Currency Is Not Your Website or Your Advertisements ...It's TRUST


If you produce more—and deal more—in trust than anyone else, you win.

Poll: trusted forms of advertising

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

92% of consumers now read online reviews for local businesses

97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge a local business


Be Seen First By Active Shoppers

After your High-Gravity Growth System (Trust Machine) is in place for consumers (humans), we turn it up to 11, and rapidly grow your company's Trust with the internet's head honcho gang of robots, Google.

We do this by positioning your brand's online assets in the highest trafficked parts of the internet to bring in significantly MORE leads and MORE customers.

This strengthens your brand's pull because you slide into their reality when they're looking, rather than interrupting and forcing them to look.

The equation is simple:
Most Trusted Company = Most Customers & Sales

Straight from the mouths of the Google founders in one of their patents:

Google patent quote

By properly communicating with Google, and using Press Releases, social signals, citations, backlinking, and website & GMB optimizing, we crank your brand's Trust Rank needle to the max, which moves you up to the top of Google's search results for both regular and Maps.

(And NOT at a snail's pace ...most people see dramatic changes in the first 30 days.)

When people searching for your service see both top-of-chart rankings AND exceptional social proof, the combination is lethal (aka more persuasive than the other guys who only have one or none of those).

Mix that in with the Expert Interviews (Step 1) they see if they dig deeper into your company?

They're yours for life (as long as you provide great service).

We also begin making the business even MORE profitable by “bolting on” more automated processes that bring in sales.

The net effect is market dominance and more profits for you …with almost complete automation.

Get To The Top: Triple Your Revenue

75.1% of all clicks in Google go to the first three positions

Breakdown of click through percentages in Google for the top 10 spots

How other agencies do it wrong:

Here are some extreme examples of the kinds of things "false prophets" and scammers talk about just to make a buck and say they did the work.

Maybe you've been burned by marketing and advertising agencies in the past who basically just took your money and ran?

They were probably outsourcing to these yahoos:

The thing is, these services scream "spam" ...so if your website does move up to the first page, it's not built to be bulletproof, and will drop again (making it harder in the future to get back up).

...if your TrustRank is healthy, you are pretty much bulletproof in times of penalties.

Go with someone who knows what they're doing and treats your Brand like their own child.

(For a great article on Google's TrustRank, read this (opens in new tab) or search "trust rank google".)


Constantly Remind Them & Stay Top-Of-Mind

Finally, there are some folks who will visit your website / YouTube channel / Facebook Page and won't contact you (or buy) right away. That's why we follow them around the entire internet, wherever they go, with display ads.

They'll see these ads on all websites, even major ones like CNN, Fox, BBC, Weather Channel, local news, etc.

In essence, you convert more visitors into customers than your competitors can!

AND you stay top of mind in your city, reinforcing your superiority and presence daily.

So that they don't get "banner blindness" we rotate 10+ different ad designs for different purposes (advertising your Reputation, Branding, Specials, etc.).



Bonus: Reduce Your Yearly Tax Bill By Up To $5,000

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a federal law, requires businesses to make “places of public accommodation” fully accessible to people with disabilities.

And websites are places of public accommodation.

In recent years, loads of lawsuits have been springing up against businesses without compliant websites.

Fortunately, it's written into the tax code that eligible businesses who spend $10,500 on accessibility each year receive a tax credit of $5,000.

Or a credit of half of what you spend, up to $10,500.

I bundled our ADA compliance website accessibility with everything else above, so on top of making your company the talk of the town, we make your website accessible to everyone!

So to sum up, you get:

...to avoid lawsuits...

...build your brand...

...squash your competition...

...pull in more customers (the best way possible)...

...and all at a $10,000 discount.

People pay $10,000+ a year just for a WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant website ...and you get it for free, plus $5,000 off of your taxes at the end of the year.

We'll send you the necessary receipts and letters to submit to the IRS when the time comes.  It's easy as pie.



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